That’s a fake” is a project created in Cinecittà in Rome, The “Hollywood on Tiber”, an imaginary world where dreams and reality merge to create a timeless and aspatial dimension: it’s possible to walk through buildings of the ancient Rome thanks to the full-scale recreations. This Hollywood has welcomed many famous directors as Pasolini, Wyler, Francis Ford Coppola and Scorsese.
Nothing is more intriguing for human beings than the chance to get in touch with a reality unrelated from the daily routine. Dioramas, a work of the visionary James Perry Wilson at the American Museum of Natural History, offer the liberation from a metropolitan and alienating world, allowing the occasion to see landscapes and animal species, like bears and whales, that we could only imagine. Everything is played on the line between truth and illusion, in an other and intangible dimension, where our inner child can rise up, because “Nel diorama il tempo non ci può far male/Non c'è prima e non c'è poi” (Diorama/Baustelle)